Dakota Personal Training & Pilates

Why Dakota Personal Training and Pilates?
Our goal at Dakota Personal Training and Pilates is to cultivate a one-on-one experience between our trainers and their clients. We offer a studio where trainers can work with their clients in a private environment allowing them to motivate without distraction. In addition to our space, we have some of the most qualified and knowledgeable trainers in the industry to help you reach your fitness goals.
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Our Facility
Our gym embodies our personal training philosophy, of being one-on-one with our clients. With a private studio, your trainer can tailor your workout to you, not to what equipment is available at the time which can happen in a regular gym setting. In addition to our private gym, we also have a Pilates studio on site. This enables our trainers to incorporate Pilates exercise into your workout if conducive to your goals. This further enables us to tailor your workout to exactly what you need.
“When it comes to my fitness, Penny is my rock and inspiration…Her knowledge of fitness has kept the workouts within the guidelines of my limitations and also have afforded me the ability to do many varied and interesting workouts.”
Edith M.
"Fantastic gym - fun atmosphere, talented trainers, and a state of the art facility"
Simone B.
"Been working out here for 3+ years. Amazing gym. Great trainers. Clean and modern with nice showers and locker room. 2 floors. There's really something for every kind of person here, I highly recommend!"
Alyssa S.
How Do I Get Started
Getting started with Dakota Personal Training and Pilates is so easy. Simply click the button, fill out the free consultation form and we will consult with you in order to place you with the trainer most suited to your needs. We aim to make this the best fitness experience of your life!
10 Fitness Rules/Practices Advocated by a 30+ year Fitness/Athletic Trainer
I started working as a Trainer in the very, early 1980’s; during the years that I have worked in the Fitness industry there have been significant “paradigm shifts” relative to recommendations made towards obtaining optimal health and fitness. A big change in philosophy was the move to recommend “carb loading” and a “no-fat” or “low-fat”
Benefits of working out with a Personal Trainer

For those of you who may question why working with a trainer may be a better choice than working out on your own, I would like to share some info on what often brings people into my gym and how working with our trainers has helped. Reasons to seek out a trainer range from the desire to be motivated by someone who could help you achieve your goals more effectively to the fear of feeling as though working out alone may cause injury. 

How to best incorporate Strength Training with Pilates

Ok, I know this title will cause most people who do pilates to take exception because pilates in itself is strength training. However many of those who have never tried it have preconceived notions on exactly what pilates is. When asked, many will say that it is mostly about stretching and building only abdominal strength. Well yes, it is those are common objectives during pilates workouts, however when done correctly pilates should be a total body workout focusing on muscular strength as a whole.