Prenatal Fitness Questions Answered

One of the topics that tends to come up at some point between women and their personal trainers is “Can I work out while I’m pregnant?”  The answer is yes and in fact can be helpful to the mother as well as the baby.   Working out with a trainer also helps during this special time in a women’s life because workouts can be created to help the mother-to-be during each stage of her pregnancy.  Sure it might be tough, and mommies might want to stay in bed but here are some of the great reasons to keep active and motivated during those 9 months!

-Exercise can help make your delivery shorter and easier besides keeping your pregnancy weight down.  According to Suzanne Schlosberg from Fit Pregnancy and Baby, “No guarantees, of course, but strong abs and a fit cardiovascular system can give you more oomph and stamina for the pushing stage”.  Also many women find that they are able to recover from their pregnancies sooner and easier when they kept a regular exercise routine during their pregnancies.  

-You will sleep better and have more energy. Everyone has heard the horror stories from friends and family about the troubles they have had sleeping while pregnant.  Regular exercise has a calming effect on the body that allows for a restful sleep thus giving you more energy when you are awake since you were not tossing and turning all night.

-Keeping your body healthy is the number priority of mommies-to-be and regular exercise is a big key to having a strong immune system.

And don’t forget the amazing benefits for your baby:

-Babies whose mothers worked out while they were pregnant have a stronger cardiovascular system many studies have shown as well as healthier immune systems

Meghan Holohan from Today notes that children whose mothers were active during their pregnancies have better brain activity.

No matter if you were a fitness buff before your pregnancy or want to get active now that you are about to be a mom you can do it and a personal trainer can be your best guide to successful.  Contact Dakota Personal Training and Pilates to help you during your pregnancy journey, we have many trainers on staff that have experience with prenatal fitness.

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